Praise Baby

I’ve been looking into getting Bible/Christian based DVD collection for my daughter. I know when I was a child, I l100_9235listened to the Doughnut man along with many other christian based cds and shows ( McGee and Me, Odyssey, and more…). These stories and songs have stayed with me  till now. And with all the garbage on tv, I don’t want things to be sending my daughter the wrong messages.

I’m probably going to invest in the Praise Baby Collection once I get my next paycheck. I’ve checked out the one and only dvd from my local library and my daughter seems to enjoy it a lot. I also really like hearing such inspirational and uplifting songs in the background as I go through the day.

Has anyone else bought Praise Baby?

086299: The Praise Baby Collection, 4 DVD Set The Praise Baby Collection, 4 DVD Set

By Praise Baby

The Praise Baby Collection 4 DVD set will nurture the environment for your baby’s spirit and mind with worship music and fun interactive video. Combining popular praise and worship music with images of children playing, colorful animation and real world objects, these DVDs will also stimulate early learning in the areas of tactile, cognitive, social, emotional, and most importantly spiritual development. On these DVDs you’ll find songs like, “Shout to the Lord,” “God of Wonders,” “Here I am to Worship,” “How Great is Our God,” and many more. Speacial DVD features allow you to listen to all songs with female lead vocals, child lead vocals or instrumental.