…I’m infectious

…I’m infectious. I caught the measles from my daughter whom just had her MMR shots last monday. I knew I had chicken pox and some other spotty virus when I was younger but am pretty sure this is the measles. I thought I couldn’t catch these since I was vaccinated as a child! So, I went and looked at my shot record, and it turns out, I never had my MMR shots! Thanks mom and dad. Do they sell Hallmark cards for this sort of thing? lol

So, after I pick up my packages at UPS later 😛 … I am under house arrest until two weeks time. Joy! lol… Well, this leaves me plenty of time to blog, design, and improve my Pangya golf score. 😉

I’m currently trying not to claw myself to death. These bumps are so itchy! They showed up yesterday evening and have multiplied even more today. No, I am not sharing any photos… lol… yes, I’m slightly miserable.

My husband told me to try this