Ergo Carrier

ergocarrierToday, I finally decided to order a Ergo carrier. My daughter was getting to long for her Bjorn and we still wanted to be close!

I found a great deal on an Ergo carrierĀ  over at Health Check Systems, not only was it discounted but shipping was free, and I had a 5% off coupon code. I consider this a really good deal. A carrier like this I know I’ll use for years to come not just with my daughter Melody but with her future siblings.

I’ll let you know how much I’m sure I’ll love it once it gets here. I can’t wait to go hiking with this carrier! I’ve really been looking forward to going as a whole family this summer/fall! Not only hiking but it will be nice to keep my daughter close whether we are checking out the local museums, shopping malls, or taking a walk down the street during the day.