Comforts Baby Formula

I’ve been nursing my daughter since she was born. I’ve a strong believer in breastfeeding your baby if you can. I do understand if you can’t, as I know woman personally who weren’t able to produce enough milk on their own to provide the adequate nutrition for their child. I understand also that there are many other physical and personal reasons that may come in the way of breastfeeding too.

If you are one of those mother’s or know a mom whom can’t or is having trouble breastfeeding, you might want to check out Comforts Brand formula. Comforts Baby Formula is fortified with iron and contains all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients required for a healthy baby’s first year.

Some key things to know about Conforts for Baby is that it contains DHA and ARA lipids, which are key for the development of the baby’s brain and eyes. It is also fortified with choline, a nutrient found in mother’s breast milk, and lactose, a carbohydrate that is also found in mother’s breast milk that helps develop the immune system.

Comforts is currently holding a special opportunity to name the formulas Firefly mascot. If your entry is chosen, you could win a $10,000 scholarship for your child to use when they attend college! I decided this little firefly looks like a “Philmoore”.  This scholarship contest is being sponsored by Kroger-owned food stores . Please make sure that you give them all the requested information! You have 25 characters or less to name the cute little Firefly! The contest ends July 31, and the scholarship is awarded as a 529 College Savings Plan. Entries will be judged based on three critera: Most Inventive (40%); Appropriateness to Campaign Theme (30%); Most Compelling (30%).  The winning entry will be announced online after September 21, 2009.

Visit the website to learn more and enter this great contest!