Busy, Busy, Busy

Whew! Have I been ever so busy? I think not! Not complaining, but it’ll be nice to slow down just a little bit. Summer officially starts this Sunday, and I hope to be getting outside a bit more before the rainy season comes back. Melody is pretty excited about getting out too!
We were blessed with two things yesterday (more blessings I’m sure of but just mentioning two things)! First blessing, we were practically given a gas grill for free. We got a great deal on it from our neighbors. You see, we were returning home from going to the library, and we noticed out downstairs neighbors had three grills on their porch ( this seemed absurd). My husband inquired if they were looking to sell one and voila, gas grill for $40.00 bucks. There’s nothing wrong with it at all! Maybe we’ll use it this weekend.

Second blessing, chocolate cake. That’s right, chocolate cake. My husbands friend brought us a chocolate cake out of the goodness of his heart yesterday. I felt compelled to blog about because number one, it’s chocolate and number two it’s cake. Boy, is it a good cake too! 100_9468
I can’t believe how well my bell pepper and three tomato plants are thriving. I remember when they were mere little midgets, now they are strong and tall giants. The sugary sweet tomato plant already has many tomatoes on it! I can’t wait to throw together some great salads when they are ripe!  My bell pepper has quite a few buds too!  Mmm I can taste the fajitas and home made pizza now.

What else have I been up too? I’m back into the swing of graphic design for my clients. I can’t wait to show off what I’ve been working on once everything launches.

So does anyone else have any big or little plans for the Summer? It’s not officially Summer until SUNDAY but we’ve already been attending graduation parties along with fellow shipping with friend ( all hail the BBQ…lol).  Hope to have friend over here but I need to get rid of all these boxes from things I’ve been reviewing first… lol

I know 4th of July weekend my husband has three days off. Not sure what we are doing yet but it’s not going to be sitting around the house for me. LOL! Next month we plan on going to the Zoo and possibly visiting the coast! I’m really looking forward too it.