Book Review: The Ultimate Alternative – When One Chooses Love Over Lust

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The Ultimate Alternative:
When One Chooses Lust Over Love
by Richard Watkins

Ever wonder why so many relationships, even those that begin on a healthy note, ultimately end in turmoil? One of the most common reasons is people choosing lust over love, and this happens far more often than most of us realize. The Ultimate Alternative: When One Chooses Lust Over Love examines the myriad of reasons why people make such a disastrous choice and end up ruining what could have been a healthy relationship. This story identifies and forces the reader to think seriously about the most important elements in a relationship and the rewards for making the right choices as well as the consequences of making the wrong ones.

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“Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, the man who gains understanding. “

— Proverbs 3:13

My thoughts:

I’m going to right out say that I did not finish reading this book. I was appalled and disgusted that the writer choose to be graphically descriptive as the characters embarked in various sexual acts through their sinful addictive relationships. In my opinion, you can write a christian book on Lust and Love and  not have to throw in all the sultry details.  I wouldn’t even call this book Christian as it can be a dangerous stumbling block to believers not well rooted in the Word of God.

If you do decide to read this book, read with caution but I don’t recommend it to anyone.