Banking Your Babies Cord Blood

I’ve talked and mentioned the importance of banking my childrens cord blood  several times before here on my blog.  Though I’m not pregnant now, and don’t plan on getting pregnant for another 2-3 years. I’ve researched the facts extensively and came to realize that it’s very important to bank my babies cord blood. With this knowledge, I plan on having money set aside for this procedure because investing in my families future health is very important to me.  It will also bring me great peace in knowing that extra security will always be there.

Did You Know:

Over 12,000 umbilical cord blood stem cell transplants occurred worldwide to treat over 75 different diseases?

Cord blood stem cells are 100% match for the infant donor and 1 in 4 match for a sibling?

Right now,  Cryo-Cell is has a special discount of up to $725 for expectant families beginning today until June 28, 2009 by simply using the promotional code HOT.

Cryo-Cell is a company I can trust as they are the industry leader in cord blood banking with over 175,000 clients and more accreditation than any other private cord blood bank!

If you are pregnant right now or know an expecting mommy, you should share with them the benefits of cord blood banking. I encourage you to let them know about the great discount being offered by Cryo-Cell right now too!