Bambooya Review


I”d like to introduce you to the company Bambooya! This company is for you if you are looking to keep your green lifestyle even greener. They offer unique, natural bamboo products for your body, baby, and home.

I never knew all the wonderful benefits of bamboo until just a few months ago! Some great things to keep in mind is that bamboo is 100% biodegradable, sustainable, and it also grows super fast making it a renewable resource!

About Bambooya:

BambooyaTM is all about bamboo and making earth-friendly and socially-responsible choices! For close to seven years, I made my home away from home in Tokyo, Japan, and it was there my bamboo obsession began. In my daily life, I discovered amazing, traditional bamboo items: from baskets, chopsticks, rice paddles, and “washi” (Japanese paper), to incense burners, charcoal, herbal medicine, and delicious “takenoko gohan” (bamboo shoot rice), which (believe it or not) I made from fresh bamboo shoots growing in my small garden. As avid bamboo lovers, we at Bambooya look forward to discovering, creating, and offering you the most unique, eco-friendly bamboo products and gifts, made in the U.S.A, and from around the world. We are passionately committed to being sustainable, socially responsible, and stewards of our Good Earth.

My thoughts:

bu055300I was able to review two wonderful bamboo products, thanks to Bambooya! The first product my daughter Melody and I tried out is their Baby’s Bamboo Utensil Set! I think before we tried it out we were sold. I had recently been using those soft tipped metal baby spoons and to my horror the plastic coating came off to reveal and incredibly unsanitary rusty spoon. I felt like a horrible mother! Never again, I’m sold on bamboo utensils now. The bamboo fork and spoon contains a solid bamboo designed specifically for small hands and small mouths. Constructed and designed to be handed down, these utensils are crafted from a solid piece of bamboo and finished with a food safe oil. This children’s bamboo utensil set is safe and sustainable.bambooeat

The next product we were able to try out is the Organic Bamboo Baby & Kid Soap Bar. After trying out this productBambooBabySoapBar01, I’ve decided to invest in some of the other great soaps offered at Bambooya for adults. My daughter smelled so wonderful after using this soap! The all natural ingredients play a huge part in making this soap smell and feel so wonderful! Each of their soaps are freshly handcrafted,Vegan-Cruelty-Free, biodegradable, and Made in the USA, this soap is also recommended for adults with sensitive skin.


I wanted to mention that since my daughter just had her 12 month shots, she broke out with pretty nasty rash on her bottom and has been trying to claw away at it like nobodies business! However, after using the Organic Bamboo Baby & Kid Soap Bar (that’s filled with soothing aloe), my daughter has left her bottom alone and her rash looks so much better!

Choose the best for your family and the earth around you, choose Bambooya!