Day: June 26, 2009


Early this week, it felt like Friday would never get here! I’d been keeping quite busy this week but it’s all paying off! Today, I was able to kick back and relax. I watched Forest Gump this afternoon in it’s entirety for the first time. What a great movie!

I worked on a few more pages in my daughter’s birth to 12 months scrapbook. 🙂 I’ve having a lot of fun with that and at peace that my book can look good without breaking the bank. LOL

I also won a set of Brainy Baby dvd’s for my daughter from Amy over at Swag Studio! How awesome is that? I was just looking into buying these because we both have been enjoying the ones we’ve checked out at our local library! I’m so Blessed!

It’s currently 6:30pm and my daughter has been up since 5am without a nap. She’s surprisingly not very cranky but I am beginning to wonder when she’ll hit the sheets for the night.