Day: June 23, 2009

West County Gardener- Work Gloves Review

If you recall, I’ve written a review on a pair of Classic Gloves
from West Country Gardener about a month ago. Today I wanted to let you know sm-glove-wk-tlabout another pair of their great gloves. I’m featuring their Work Gloves of which I like equally as much as their classic gloves.

My thoughts:

Once again, due to the great sizing chart available, these gloves fit absolutely perfectly. Their Work Gloves are a lot more durable than the classic which are mostly used for simple planting. These gloves are reinforced in every area where your hands come in contact with tools or soil. I love how these gloves are so durable, I imagine they will last for a good long while! I can’t wait to use them properly when I finally own my own piece of earth. And again, these great gloves come in nice variety of colors too.

The Features:

Terry cloth brow wipe – Poly/Cotton loop terry thumb for extra absorption.

Padded Synthetic Suede Palm – Polyurethane/nylon suede palm gives all the protection of leather, but won’t ever dry hard or crack even after repeated washing. Protects from thorns, glass, rough surfaces, and tool impact.

Reinforced stress points – Extra layer of protective suede is added to all stress and normal wear points

Adjustable cuff – Brushed, anti static polyester elastic for comfort. Keeps out dirt and debris.

Stretch mesh back – 4-way stretch nylon mesh for enhanced ventilation, flexibility, and fit.

High Visibility Colors – If you lay your gloves down, the high-visibility colors always let you know where you left them.

Machine Washable – Machine wash warm, tumble dry low. Won’t shrink, harden, or crack. Always close Velcro tabs before laundering.

About the Company:

Our Goal is to design and engineer the best fitting high performance gloves for you and your needs. We listen to our customers and continually make small ‘running changes’ based on user feedback. Which means, we make the best gloves you’ll ever wear. More than that, West County continues to invent and innovate to help make your time outdoors more enjoyable, productive and comfortable.

“I Can Fix This”, said Beverly Schor one day in early 2001 when she had a “light bulb” moment as she was out gardening and noticed the sorry state of her month-old conventional garden gloves. As a cyclist and sports apparel designer, she observed many of the qualities she loved in her sport gloves were missing in her garden gloves. Why couldn’t garden gloves have the features of sports gloves and last as long too?

Combining Her Skills And Experience as a gardener, sports apparel designer and national champion cyclist, she set out to create high-performance gloves for both avid and weekend gardeners. The result is a line of lightweight gloves that uses the best technical fabrics and design know-how that has traditionally been reserved for serious sports enthusiasts from cyclists to rock climbers.

West County Gardener was founded out of Beverly’s love for the outdoors and her extensive experience and knowledge in product design and development. Her skills and experience helped her produce not only state-of-the-art gloves, but also create a company whose mission is to provide the most innovative men’s and women’s garden and work gloves with the highest level of quality and customer service.

Based In San Francisco, designer and founder Beverly Schor is a Bay Area Active Sports apparel designer and cyclist—not always in that order! Before opening her own design studio, she worked for Esprit, The Gap, and The North Face. She brings a passion for sports and an extensive knowledge of technical fabrics and construction to every project.

When She’s Not In Her Studio, she’s out training on her bike where she has earned many State and National Championship medals in her age group. In June 2002, she set the National Time Trial Record in her age group. West County Gardener was founded out of her love for the outdoors and her extensive experience and knowledge in product design and development.

Buy it: You can purchase West County Gloves at their online store. What a wonderful gift these would make!