13 Months Old

At a Friend's House

My sweet little Melody, turned 13 months old over the weekend. She’s currently napping, catching up on her beauty sleep, I imagine. She’s had a busy weekend watching Praise Baby ( WE LOVE IT), stacking blocks, munching on toast and cheerios, meeting with friends, going to church and playing ball with mommy!

This weekend was interesting. I had friends over Saturday and was able to get a taste of EA Sports Active! I had a lot of fun with it, and am hoping to either snag it from a blog giveaway or wait till it comes down in price a little bit.

This afternoon we ventured to Costco and Target to get a few needed things and our car wouldn’t start! I am not going to say unlucky but blessed that this happened. I know we are going to the coast this weekend and it would have been horrible if this happened while we were so far away from friends and family that could offer their helping hands. Speaking of which, one lady offered us her jumper cables but we already had some, and a few people helped roll the car into an empty spot where they could help give our car a just start. May God Bless them with their good deed. Well, shortly after getting jump started and making it back home, the car wouldn’t start again. We came to the knowledge that the battery must have reached it’s end of days.  So not knowing who else to call at first, I instant messaged my friend Lindsey and her husband was kind enough to drive my husband to get a new battery 🙂

What a day!

Oh almost forget to mention Melody said her first phrase yesterday! She said I LOVE YOU clear as a bell. She’s said it before but not as clear as last night ^^