Day: June 8, 2009

Body Systems Natural Body Butter Review


I was recently given the opportunity to try out my my very first body butter by 

Body Systems. I wasn’t sure what to expect and imagined something with the consistency of butter! The consistency to my surprise was smooth and creamy, overall very easy to apply! Though the cocoa butter fragrance wasn’t for me, I enjoyed how this product left my skin feeling soft, silky, and hydrated. cocoa-butter-banner-copy

Cocoa butter has been called the ultimate moisturizer, and has been used to keep skin soft and supple for centuries. High in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, it is one of the most stable, highly concentrated natural fats available, and melts at body temperature so that it is readily absorbed into the skin.

What makes Body Systems’ Body Butters unique is that their products are free of any chemicals including Parabens, Phthalates, or Petro-Chemicals, are never tested on animals, contain no fillers and are perfect for doing Double, Triple or even Quadruple Duty!

Company History:

In business since 2001, Body Systems has become a leading supplier of bath and skin products to the spa industry. With clients from retail locations, resorts, massage therapists, and spas worldwide we continue to offer natural good-for-your-skin spa treatments direct to consumers and wholesale.
Body Systems Company is passionate about providing only natural products made fresh for each order from the highest quality ingredients. It is our simple belief that relaxing and beneficial spa products can be combined to create a balance between body and soul. When the outside is nourished, the soul can be balanced and nourished as well.

Buy it:
Body Systems offers a variety of products that will nourish your entire body from bath bombs to body butters . Check them out at:

Thanks to  Chic Execs a company which was created to promote small business campaigns, I’m was able to let you know about this product.