Day: June 6, 2009

Classy Nail Files Review

right_col4I had heard of the popular trend of crystal nail files but never myself had tried them out before today. Boy, I was really missing out!  These nails files work great if you have weak nails or if you are looking to keep them growing stronger and healthier.

The nail file that I tried out is from the company Classy Nail Files.  I was sent a the Cross w/Crystal Hand Painted File in the medium size 5 1/2.  The fact that this file is cute only adds to the fact that it’s super useful as well. Did you know that regular use of glass nail file reduces chipping, peeling and splitting of nails? I didn’t know that!    I clipped both my daughter and my own nails and then went at them with this file. No rough edges and no hard work! I’m kissing all my emery boards goodbye, even the ones for my daughter.

So, Classy Nail Files is all round a better choice! If you aren’t sold yet, let me tell you some more great facts!

The Facts:

  • They have a variety of sizes in, Small – 3 1/2″, Medium 5 1/2″, and Large 7″.
  • The filing surface is etched into the crystal and is guaranteed to never wear out.
  • They are GREEN and since they are washable,  they won’t fill up landfills!
  • They are not made in China.

I highly, highly recommend these nail files. I believe the lasting quality  justifies the slightly higher price of crystal nail files, over emery boards.

Buy It: these board range from $8.00 to $26.00 for a set of three in various sizes.

** Thanks to Chic Execs a company which was created to promote small business campaigns, I’m able to let you know about this product.