Wii Mommies Fitness Friday

Fitness Friday”  @ Wii Fit Mommies!

What motivates me to get going? Actually a good dose of competition!
I’m aiming right now when doing my wiifit in beating all of husbands high scores. hehe
I grew playing video games and have always tried to beat the games completely by unlocking all the accomplishments. I’ve yet to unlock all the exercises on my wii fit but maybe because that is I keep neglecting to do my strength training!

I’m exactly the weight I should be (around 110-115lbs). My balance could use a little work and a few bits here and there need to be toned. I’m not as fit as I would like to be and I’ve been working on changing that. My main goal is to wake up early (if I get sleep the night before… I have a 1 year old with an irregular sleep pattern) and do at least 1/2 hour on my Wiifit before it gets too hot.  We live in a third floor apartment with a no AC, so doing any exercise later in the day would be very draining.

My husband is starting softball soon, twice a week. I plan on going to the park and strolling around the big loop several times to get exercise that way as well. I’ll have to make sure to log it on my wiifit.