Studio 410 Etsy Shop Review

I’d like to introduce you to Susan Richards, a Canadian self taught artist whom you’ll find on Esty as  Studio 410.
She creates beautifully unique one-of-a-kind copper and silver jewelry of all kinds which encourages it’s wearers to live unique.

I’ve enjoyed getting to know Susan and have interviewed her for my Etsy meet and great!

Funky Short Copper and Purple Flourite Necklace

1.Why did you decide to start doing this on Etsy and how long have you been?

I started selling on Etsy in Oct. of 2007. I had been looking at selling online and I loved the professional look of Etsy and the way each artist had their own individual store. I thoroughly enjoy selling on Etsy. It is amazing how you communicate with people all over the world and actually form small relationships with them.
2. What do you enjoy the most when creating your products?

I have a hard time just pumping out the same stuff, and making jewelery allows me to use many different materials, copper, silver, rubber, glass, stones etc. And I like the fact that the pieces I create can really mean something to the people who purchase or receive them.

3. Apart from creating things, what do you do? I am a stay at home Mom of two teenage girls, 14 and 18, so much of my time is spent having tea and listening to who said what, who is going out with who, he didn’t email back…. I actually enjoy this and value my time with both of them. Love camping, we have an old 1965 Airstream trailer. Love animals, have two dogs and a cat. Love wine,
perfect summer evening, sitting on the deck talking, with a glass of wine.

4. What inspires you? This sounds corny, but I think everything inspires me, I am always looking at stuff and thinking about how I could use it or create it. I love thinking about how to recycle things or up cycle. I think I drive my husband and kids crazy.

Wearing a stylish Funky Short Copper and Purple Flourite Necklace

5.In five years you’d like to be…? In five years, I would still like to be creating jewelery, but would like to making a living with it. Maybe camping a little more, and taking off to Mexico a little more.

Final thoughts: I was able to review the Funky Short Copper and Purple Flourite Necklace and love it! It’s so special to me because it’s such a unique piece of jewelry. This necklace  arrived packed  in the cutest little pouch,  adorned with pink bows, and a chic pendant which I can add to one of my own chains.Usually I buy clothes then find accessories to match them but in this case, I can see myself buying outfits to match this necklace!

Studio 410 offers many wonderful items in the following categories: Grandmamas Spoons, Silver Ribbon Pendants, scroll necklaces, bracelets, Necklace, Earrings, Bookmarks, Pins and Brooches, and Drops of Jupiter! Studio 410 has  such a great selection, I’m sure you’d be able to find
something nice for yourself or for someone special to you.

Visit her etsy store at: Studio 410. FREE shipping WORLDWIDE!
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