Skyoozmee Review

The Product: My search for the perfect burp cloth is over!I have found what every mom dreams of in the wonderful alternative that SKYOOZMEE has created. I only wish I could have used one of these several months ago, as it would have saved me so much trouble.

How it works: Basically the Skyoozme works like any ordinary bib but it’s one for mommy or daddy to wear after nursing or bottle feeding their baby.  You simply attach the two ends together with the Velcro attached and lay it over your shoulders. It simply won’t move out of place either, I’ve tried! I can only imagine how many clothing changes I could have gone without through the day if I had this! skyoozmeefan-750

Fun Features: Can we say super stylish and reversible? The Skyoozme comes in several great patterns including those which are daddy friendly too,  just in case pink polka dots aren’t his thing.

Skyzoome would like to offer my  readers 10% off the regular price of 1 for $15 or a set of 3 for $35. Please use the code: C2C10 at check out.