Scrubs Magazine

Have you heard about Scrubs magazine? Scrubs magazine is a great resource for all different kinds of nurses, whether you are becoming or already one.  This website is filled with many uplifting stories and more focused on lifestyle! This is great because most other magazines of this nature are focused more on the clinical aspect of nursing.

They have a fun section on their site called “The Scrubbies” where you can nominate a special nurse in your life. I would choose the nurse that took care of me when I was in the hospitable having my daughter last year on this day!  She was a wonderful nurse and kept me from getting stressed with her wonderful attitude and bubbling personality.

You can vote for your favorite fictional portrayal of a nurse at the featured polls! I chose Carol Hathaway from ER because I enjoy her character and commitment to her job. Plus, I grew up watching the tv show ER!

Nurses can get wonderful advice on various situations pertaining to work at the  Tip Jar. Each of the tips were written by seasoned nurses to give to the new ones on the floor.

Scrubs is not just another clinical nursing site…there are plenty of those! Scrubs is the one and only site that’s 100 percent about you — personally and professionally — and the very specific joys and challenges you face because of the noble career you chose. So, on this site and in the pages of our upcoming print magazine, you’ll not only find career advice and inspiring stories, but beauty and fashion tips as well as lots of ideas on making your downtime as relaxing as your work life is demanding.