Protection For Your Home


I’m a stay at home mom, so this means I am home alone with my child all day long. I admit I do worry about our safety and wonder what would happen if someone decided to break in.  A neighbor from where we just moved from house was broken into, so I have a good right to worry. I don’t worry so much at things getting stolen ( though it would be rather annoying) but for the safety of my family.  I recall when I was younger and my family lived in the boonies, a man came into our yard and was snooping around. My mom and three other sisters were there and we were told by mom to be very quiet. He took a leak, sad to say, in our yard and drove away after 10-15 minutes. My mom did call the police and they were their as soon as they could be but for us that wasn’t soon enough as any civilization was about 10-15 minutes away. What if he broke in with means to rob and hurt us? I shudder at the thought.

I have considered getting a home security system put in when my husband and I own our own home. Protect America has a wireless security system that I’ve learned would be easy and affordable to have put in. Their prices are extremely affordable compared to all other top home security leaders. They offer five various security packages that would work if you had a small place or even a quite large one. I think the silver package would be the best for my family as it has 10 point monitors that would be used for doors and windows. I dont’ plan on owning a home much bigger than that.

The Silver Package includes:
$34.95 per month
Talking Control Panel
10 Entry Points
Internal Siren and Door Chime
Battery Backup
One Button Arming
3 Window Decals
1 Yard Sign

Another wonderful feature is that you can customize your system by adding additional equipment at the time the order is placed or anytime in the future! If you need more information, feel free to call the toll free number 877-470-2751, for more information. Also, by calling this number you get two  key chain remotes with your order!