Party Planning

I found this guide online and I’m going to bold what I’ve done.  Melody’s 1st birthday Party is this Sunday!

A month before the party

  • Create a guest list.
  • Choose a date for the party. Choose a time convenient for your invited guests.
  • Choose a starting and ending time.
  • Pick a theme for your party.
  • Choose appropriate invitations for your party theme. ( I used Face book)
  • Schedule a professional photographer. (optional) I am professional! lol

Two to three weeks before party

  • Write and mail your invitations with a self address stamped envelope for your guests to reply. (Facebook)
  • Plan the party games and activities. (best done in the theme of the event) She’s one… we are just going to hangout.
  • Purchase your party supplies. ( Husband and I headed to Party City)
  • Order the birthday cake. (unless you are making it yourself)We ordered 2!
  • Plan the menu.( Just cake and ice cream)
  • Arrange help for party, if needed. Family and friends always make great help!
  • Order helium balloons. (optional) I’m sure we are going to pick some up when we get the cake.

The week before the party

  • Ensure you have plenty of film and batteries for the camera.
  • Ensure their is tapes and batteries for the camcorder.
  • Purchase the food for the menus.(Cake, Ice Cream, and Soda)
  • Purchase birthday candles for the cake, if you are making the cake yourself.
  • Child proof the party area. (It’s safe)
  • Get your present for your baby’s first birthday!(She’s got lots of things)
  • Confirm the live impersonator/entertainer. (optional)
  • Confirm the professional photographer. (optional)

The day before the party

  • Decorate for the party.  ( We are doing this the day of..1 hour before… lol)
  • Pick up (or bake) the birthday cake.( Costco and Albertsons)
  • Prepare foods and salads that can be prepared the day ahead.
  • Make sure any rechargable batteries are charged.
  • Make sure you have matches for the candle.

The day of the party

  • Place balloons outside the home to mark your location for guests.
  • Prepare any last minute foods.
  • Place the candles on the cake.
  • Make sure film and batteries are in the camera and camcorder.
  • Place candles on cake.
  • Enjoy your little one’s first birthday!

    That seems like such a huge deal! But hey the babies only turn once and the great thing is, we made it 🙂