Pacific Cornetta Review

I’m reviewing a company today that is literally a hop, skip, and a jump away from me here in the northwest! Whether you are searching for products to use at home, at the office, or trecking about in the great outdoors.  I guarantee you’ll find whatever you may searching for at Active Gear.

Active Gear is a company that has been around since the late 90’s as a part of Pacific Cornetta Inc.  They offer  sophisticated, functional, and durable products that encourage healthy lifestyles.

I was thrilled when given the opportunity to review a couple of their great products.  I was sent the Tea-zer™ Tea Brewing Tumbler and the Cascade Stainless Steel Water Bottle-Go Refillable .

The Cascade Stainless Steel Water Bottle-Go Refillable is a great product. I love the long sleek shape of this bottle, which makes it easy to hold onto to. The slender shape also make this bottle ideal for cup holders on bikes and in your vehicle.  The BPA-Free top easily screws on and off. The hook on the top makes it easy to attach it to any number of my bags, straps, and stroller.  I found that this 22 oz bottle is quite light weight even when filled with my beverage!

I’ve washed this bottle in the dishwasher, skeptical at first. I thought maybe this bottle would take on a weird taste or smell afterward but it didn’t! I think I should mention that the lid on the bottle should be washed by hands since they recommended it. I can just imagine the top melting like many other things I’ve put in the dishwasher. Oops.

I personally love my new water bottle and can’t find a single flaw. It’s reusable and recyclable! I’m looking forward to the new 12 oz. bottles that will be arriving this summer in a wide variety of colors!mc-3272t-group

The next product I’m reviewing is the  Tea-zer™ Tea Brewing Tumbler! I’m a pretty big tea drinker! Here in the Northwest where it’s prone to be a bit cooler, you’ll likely find me with a nice warm cup of tea.

But what if I wanted a cup of loose tea on the go? The Tea-zer is a god send! How it works is you just pour hot water through the strainer filled with loose leaf tea at the top, and you have yourself a nice hot cup of tea. You have the option of taking the stainless steel infuser out or you can keep it in. The sip lid has perforated holes that prevents you from drinking the loose the tea leaves. The tumbler is well-insulated to keep the tea warm without burning my hands too! If I need this on the go, there’s a nice little D-ring to clip to a carabiner for traveling or carrying.  It comes in red, spring water as well as the traditional clear. I love this and I know this would make a wonderful gift to the avid tea drinker in your life.

Buy it: You can purchase the 22 oz. Cascade Stainless Steel Water Bottle at $16.99 and the 10 oz. Tea-zer™ Tea Brewing Tumbler for just $15.99!

…and added bonus, if you spend $30 you get a free Field and Stream Multi-Tool.

Get 50% off any Cascade Stainless Steel Water bottle when you spend $9.99 or more!
Coupon Code: summer09

More Active Gear Products:

Liquid Solution: insulated travel mugs, vacuum bottles, tea tumblers and more!

Pearl: features patented insulated ceramic mugs lined with stainless steel.

Screaming Meanie: Extra loud alarm clocks for specialty markets including truck drivers, motorcyclists, and others.