Ozone Socks Review

Can you say fun, fashionable, and funky footwear? Oh course you can, but are you bold enough to wear it? I am and I’m glad that I can thanks to Ozone socks. I’m now making an overall fashion statement from head to toe…literally!

I was able to review the Patch Fabric in prune, Walking on Roses in Orange, and the  Mixed up Argyle in Bordeaux. These socks are so fashionable, colorful with a bit of wildness to them! My 11 month old loves them. She comes over and pokes my feet, slaps them, and laughs. It’s such a sight to see. Maybe she thinks I’m silly or a bit crazy? …the honest truth is I’m both.

I like Ozone socks, if you knew me well, you’d say they suited me perfectly. Comfort is key, and I’ve worn socks that either come down, are too thin, and ones that make my feet too warm and sweaty! Nobody ever wants that in a pair of socks. But these socks, they stay put,  are  the perfect amount of thickness, and have not made my feet sweat in the least bit! Can we say winner?

Goodbye basic black and white and hello personality! The variety of styles and colors, I’m sure you’ll find more than enough pairs to match your personality like a glove…err sock? I’m glad that Ozone is revolutionizing the fashion world for our feet! Somebody has to do it well and that they have with their huge line of  designer fashion socks, knee-highs and tights for men, woman, and children alike.

On their site, you will find amusing cartoons, and comical stories which displays just how fun socks should be. And, Ozone has solved the problem of the missing sock! They sell their socks individually as well, to make your singles a happy pair again. You can also join the Sock of the Month Club, and a new pair will be sent to you every month. It works out to about half price for the socks, and even features free shipping!

Discount: Use the code sockmonkeys during checkout on their site to receive a 25% off your total order. This code is good till May 31st, 2009. The only limitation is that it cannot be used to purchase the Sock of the Month Club, everything else is fine!