Otter Blotters AI2 Diaper Review

I am a Mom whom cloth diapers my baby using All-In-Ones. The current diapers I’ve been using seem to mostly do the job. Although, I’ve had more problems with them than I necessarily would like.  First they leak  not just at night time but during the day, second they sometimes chafe my daughters legs, third my daughter can easily get them off leaving her to run around butt stark naked, and number 4 they take near as forever to dry! Yes they are cute and fashionable but I’m looking for a diaper that can relieve the chaffing, not leak, make it near impossible for my tike to get off, and one that doesn’t take forever to dry…looking cute would just be an added bonus.

I was given the opportunity to review just recently an “All In Two” diaper from the company Otter Blotters. This diaper has exceeded all expectations that I had and because of this I’m a huge fan.

Orgins: (a little history)

Otter Blotter was created and founded by a mom just like you and me! She was fed up with the cloth diapers that were out there that would scratch her daughters belly and thighs.  Her daughter like mine enjoyed being naked too, so a solution was in order. Being a big fan of hook and loop diapers, she got her sewing machine out and got to work. Thus Otter Blotters was created.

My thoughts:

You can see from the SMILE on my daughter's face that she loves her Otter Blotter AI2 cloth diaper!

Like I mentioned before, Debby sent me a “All In Two” diaper to review.  I can not say enough about this diaper.  These diapers are cute as the come in a variety of different colors and patterns! Minky Fabric was used also in making each diaper feel incredibly soft! I love how this diaper closes! I no longer have a streaker in my household! How it works is that a velcro closure actually stays hidden inside a patent pending lock-it pocket! Once the Velcro tabs are hooked the pocket then closes over the tabs keeping my little one from getting places where she shouldn’t be poking around at or exposing to anyone else. No leaks! The 10 layer soaker pad is awesome! It snaps in and out which makes cleaning and washing so much easier and because it snaps in and out, the cover will last longer…not to mention that the cover can used with fitteds and prefolds instead of the inserts. These diapers are completely economical!

The Pros:
*Patent-pending Lock-it PocketTM ensures a snug hook and loop fit with no tummy or leg chafing and prevents babies from taking off their own diapers
*No exposed hook tape to snag in the wash
*Patent-pending leak-resistant seams mean dry clothes and bedding, even when the diaper is soaked
*Ultrasuede pull tabs are as easy as disposables to fasten leg gussets keep messes in polyurethane laminated (PUL) fabric means messes don’t stick to the diaper
*Lightweight, trim, and comfortable fit
*Soft, beautiful minky “otter fur” that comes in bright colors and prints
*10-layer soaker pad with 4 layers microfiber terry, 2 layers birdseye cotton and 2 layers of ZorbTM in wet zone, backed with Killington flannel and lined with soft, no-pill, stay-dry microfleece or silky, non-synthetic bamboo velour
*Unique pad design promotes thorough cleaning and fast drying
*All-in-One (sewn-in pad) or All-in-Two (snap-in pad) design–so no folding, stuffing or removing inserts

Check it out!

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