Not the most Fantastic Friday

Yesterday afternoon I started feeling a little funny. I was hoping and praying that Melody was just teething with her runny nose but no she had a cold as well as teething. She decided to share with mommy…that’s what happens with family. I came down with a raw throat and a bit of a runny nose followed withΒ  a slight fever. I’m all like nooooo, it’s going to be so nice, warm, and sunny this weekend. I wanted to be out enjoying it! So what did I do, first I drank hot chocolate with cayenne pepper in it, then I drank hot water with lemon in it, then I gargled with salt water. I still had my sore throat but it wasn’t quite that bad. Then I drank hot mint and honey tea all day today, ran the humidifier, and my sore throat is gone…lol. Talk about fighting a cold to some pretty crazy measures.

How’s Melody she seems to be fine, right now she is on the floor chewing on her toes. Hmm… *brb*… now she is chewing on a frozen cloth. She’s teething big time as she’s got a tooth on the top and the bottom coming in at the same time. She’s still pretty happy but a little prone to being grumpy if she’s not chewing on something.

So about Melody, this morning she was going around saying Boo dada while pointing to a book we don’t let her have to play with ( oh, and my huband wasn’t home)! I was thrilled and I think my husband melted. You see, my husband has been reading her the same book for a little over a week now and it’s a Peek A Boo book. She gets extremely happy and has started participating when he reads it. I’m going to have to get this on video! My little one is growing and changing and doing new things everyday. She now points to her nose as well if you ask her where it is! It’s wonderful!