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I adore personalized products of all kinds. So when I learned about, it was no surprise that I had found a new favorite company! This wonderful company offers a variety of personalized 100% cotton onesies and t-shirts for children ages 3-6 months up to 6t!

When I stated personalized, I meant it! You can choose the  design stamp, style, size & text color! These are completely unique and original! I’ve not seen any tees like these anywhere else in stores or online. I can’t help but think what a wonderful personalized gift this would make for a baby shower or birthday party!

The categories you’ll find over at Mitetees are family, smart and sports. I guarantee that there’s something their for everyone! A few of my favorites are the “Made In..”,”Another Year Older”, and the “Protect your production” shirts!

I was able to review a personalized onesie and matching hat that reads” An Erin & Justin Production“! I was so excited! I opened the envelope and found each of the pieces wrapped up nicely with a pink flower adhered to the packaging just like the one on their site! I loved how the packing and wrapping was done making it perfect to gift to that special someone in your life!  This set is too cute and it makes my proud to see my daughter wearing and it!  I’ve already had a number of people ask where I got received this wonderful set. I can imagine that in the years to come  I’ll look back at this special onesie and it will bring back such wonderful memories.

About The Company:

Melody at 12 months

Kelly’s first baby was on the way, and Cindy wanted to show up with the best gift at the baby shower (since we all know that this ‘best gift at the baby shower’ contest does indeed exist!). Cindy crafted Kelly’s gift, a ‘production’ six pack, based on the idea of celebrating parenthood with cute, smart designs, and practical garments. This gift idea wowed everyone at the party – especially the new moms!

Based on the response at Kelly’s baby shower, the Mitetees brand launched just six weeks later with a belief in fun and functional gifts. Mitetees is an unforgettable gift line to be worn today and treasured as keepsakes for years to come.

Are you ready to create an outstanding, personalized gift? With Mitetees uniquely creative way of celebrating parenthood, your friends and family will delight in your adorable gift choice.

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