Missa’s Handcrafted Art and Design Review


Today I am featuring from Etsy, Missa’s Handcrafted Art and Design .  At her store, you’ll find a variety of unique items that are personally handcrafted and include original western art and design.

Here’s a list of the many items you’ll find at her shop;

  • Recycled Purses – old, vintage, or used handbags that are recycled into a new, fresh handbag.wildhorsesbarbedcaseblack1
  • Handmade Jewelry Charms – charms and pendants that are hand sculpted out of clay, painted, and sealed by designer. They are all completely original.
  • Handmade Western Wallets and Cases – Melissa personally carves, stamps, and burns all of her leather accessories, as well as sews them by hand.
  • Western Decor and Art – all art and decor is completely original.
  • Hand Poured Candles – Aromatherapy and Palm Wax candles are hand poured and feature unique scents!

I’ve enjoyed getting to know Melissa and have interviewed her for my Etsy meet and great!  missarts_art

1.Why did you decide to start doing this on etsy and how long have you been?

I had wanted to try to sell my artwork for quite a while, and my sister had stumbled upon Etsy and told me about it. At this point I had already started a store, but Etsy was much more affordable for me and everyone seemed to network really well there.

2. What do you enjoy the most when creating your products?

When creating my products, my favorite part is seeing something take shape where nothing had been before. I always like to finish a project right when I start it (even though this isn’t always possible), because I like to see the finished piece that had started out as nothing. Sculpting is one of my favorite activities; I like seeing something realistic emerge from a lump of clay.
3. Apart from creating things, what do you do?

When I am not involved in my artwork, I am going to college full time, working part time, or riding horses. I am currently working toward my Bachelor’s in Communication Studies with a minor in art from Ohio University, but my other real passion besides my art is riding and training horses.

4. What inspires you?

Horses are what inspire me the most. I have loved horses non stop since I was born, and that is what most of my art is centered around. They are very unique animals, and I like to get to know each one’s separate personality. My fiance also helps me out a lot; he supports me in everything I do!

5.In five years you’d like to be…?

In five years I would prefer to be working on my art and training horses full time. However, I’m not sure if that will work out so soon! I will most likely be working full or part time and doing my art and horses omissarts_candlesn the side, but my eventual goal is to be able to concentrate on doing the things I love most!

Final Thoughts

I was able to review two 8 oz Aromatherapy candles, one in peppermint and the the other grapefruit.  Each candle is made from  100% Soy wax and authentic essential plant oils. They come in mason jars and smell great! I personally enjoyed how the candles came wrapped up and ready to re-gift, that is if you can so willing part with them for yourself!

Father’s Day is coming up soon, and I know somebody’s Dad somewhere would probably personally love the hand carved and tooled leather wallets, cell phone cases, and the simply majestic western decor wall art.

Visit her store at: Missa’s Handcrafted Art and Design.