May Day

How was your May Day? I honestly did not know what May Day was or what it consisted of until I read up on at Wikipedia. If you (like me) would like to know the orgins of this holiday I encourage you to read THIS article. I learned that May Day is a day to celebrate the beginning of spring. Some countries celebrate with a variety of floral festivals while others recognize May 1st as an important day for the labor movement. Some celebrate with parades while others may not recognize the day at all. In Hawaii, many celebrate “Lei Day” on May 1st, a colorful day that honors Hawaiian tradition and culture. Did you do anything to celebrate?

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In other news, my little one nearly climbed out of her crib today. I’m going to have to keep a closer eye on her, wouldn’t want her to fall out and hurt herself!

Well, off to watched The Boy in The Striped Pajamas, that is if I can pull my husband from his computer. I heard it was a tear jerker kind of a movie…just my cup of tea.