…in Celebration of Mother’s Day

The international sensation Celtic Woman returns to the Rose Garden May9, 2009 with their brand new tour, Isle of Hope!  Following the smash success of four chart topping albums and PBS televisions specials, the Isle of Hope Tour features many brand new heart stirring songs, plus all the classics you know and love. The Isle Of Hope tour will dazzle the eye, enchant the ear and stimulate both the mind and the heart.Come join the girls of Celtic Woman, Chloe, Lisa, Orla, Lynn and Mairead, for a magical musical experience!

… and this is how I’ll be celebrating mother’s day. My husband bought tickets to this show back in December because he knows how much I adore Celtic Woman! I’m sure it’s going to be a mother’s day and a night to truly  remember! I really can’t wait until tomorrow to be swept away into my Irish culture by such beautiful voices of 5 very remarkable women.

We are taking my daughter too, what would mother’s day be without the whole reason I became a mother? I’m sure she’ll love it too.  We are going to take her snacks just in case she grows restless  and the bjorn because she loves to run around and explore.  The show will be around 8pm and she get’s sleepy around then so maybe the music will lull her to sleep.