Home Again


I learned about a new service this week at Home Again Web Site. This company specializes in micro chipping your pet so if Mr. Whiskers or Fido the dog gets lost, they have a good chance of being reunited with you again. Home Again has some other great services to offers as they have an annual subscription fee; they provide members with telephone access to pet-recovery specialists and 24/7 emergency medical assistance at 1-888-HomeAgain. You will also receive up to $3000  in medical pet insurance for lost pets and up to $500 in reimbursable travel expenses for pets found more than 500 miles from home. I thought it was pretty awesome that HomeAgain has  recovered more than 500,000 lost pets!

Right now for every pet registered during the week of May 3rd-9th, HomeAgain will donate $1 through www.bringpetshome.com, which is a fund raising website set up to help shelter animals. Through this great campaign, you’ll not only be taking care of your pet but helping other pets out there as well.

To let you know a little bit more, Bring Pets Home is a a fundraising Web site specifically created to help shelter animals. Did you know that estimated 8-12 million animals  are taken in each year in the US at shelters? Bringpetshome.com also features many other retailers you can shop from which will also contribute to help shelter animals.

…and 100% of money raised through your purchases will go directly to provide food, shelter and medical treatment to pets in need.  How awesome is that? Through shopping like you normally would, will be helping! Please show your support for our four legged friends today!