Allergies – Hay Fever

I mentioned that my daughter came down with Hay Fever over the weekend. Hay Fever symptoms consists of the following:

The Morning of her 1st Birthday Party
The Morning of her 1st Birthday Party
  • Sneezing
  • Congested (“stuffy”) nose
  • Watery, bloodshot eyes
  • Trouble sleeping

    My daughter had every single one of these symptoms. Her birthday party still went on though she looked pretty horrible. I felt helpless in doing nothing but giving her the recommended dosage of benadryl that the advice nurse recommend me give her for weight of 17lbs. I felt like I needed to do more and scrubbed the apartment from top to bottom, washed all laundry, bedding, etc… She seems to be doing much better today. Also a huge factor, the windows have been closed. It’s really hot in here but I would rather it would be instead of making my poor little Melody that much more miserable.

    Has anyone else had or have young children with severe allergies during this time of the year?