Day: May 31, 2009

Child to Cherish Review



I recently came across a store called “Child to Cherish“. This wonderful store specialize in a variety of special keepsake gifts. Some of the gifts you’ll find at their store include; items for moms, grandma’s, children, and even pets! You’ll also find a plethora of baby books, suitcases, piggy banks, plush toys, crayon aprons, and more.

About the company:x3_d9ea25e4400c2f6869b6bc42fa19a53e

“Child to Cherish was founded in 1986 by designer Patrice Lowe, the mother of three boys. Her initial creation, a handprint kit in a tin, remains one of the most popular items in the Child to Cherish collection. Over the years, Patrice has expanded the Child to Cherish collection to include the finest unique, yet functional children’s keepsake and gift offerings in the industry. Each item in the collection is developed to capture precious moments in time. In 2000, Patrice was joined by her husband Gordon, and sons Tucker, Taylor and Cody as together they continue to create unique, innovative and lovely products that “preserve the innocence” of a child for a lifetime.

Child to Cherish™ is synonymous with originality and uniqueness, and for creating timeless treasures. Two of the many highly visible items, BLOCK TO GROW ON™ and HANDPRINT TOWER OF TIME™ have received accolades from many sources including Good Morning America and Barbara Walter’s The View as the #1 most desirable Shower Gifts. The Handprint Tower Of Time™ received the 2001 “Best New Product” award at the New York Stationary Show. Also, Child To Cherish was nominated for the Earnshaw’s Earnie Award as “Best giftable children’s gift collection” and often has products featured in Gift Beat. “

My thoughts:

I was sent their ever popular Tower of Time Hand print Kit  to review. This kit included separate sized tins running from age one through five.  Every one of the tins are labeled with the words ” My Hand print when I was…”.  Each of these kits come in a variety of colors and are topped off with a cute bow, which makes it easy to give as a baby shower or birthday gift!

Last week, my daughter had her first birthday and I could not have received my very own Tower of Time Hand print Kit at a better time!  I am including a video in which I captured my daughter’s hand print to show you how simple this was to do.

I recall using different hand print kits as a child. I remember the mixture  being used was much thicker.  As you can see from my video, I test out this mixture several times myself before taking my daughters hand imprint. I was overall thrilled how this mixture was very forgiving! I just gave it a shake to even things out and was able to try again if need be. I also was really happy that no air bubbles were left whatsoever!

If you are looking to find a single hand print kit, to gift to the grandparents, Child to Cherish also offers those.

Buy it:
Prices range from From $5 up to $95. I know I’ll be using Child to Cherish again in the future to buy special gifts for my own children along with friends and family. How about you?

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