Month: May 2009

Child to Cherish Review



I recently came across a store called “Child to Cherish“. This wonderful store specialize in a variety of special keepsake gifts. Some of the gifts you’ll find at their store include; items for moms, grandma’s, children, and even pets! You’ll also find a plethora of baby books, suitcases, piggy banks, plush toys, crayon aprons, and more.

About the company:x3_d9ea25e4400c2f6869b6bc42fa19a53e

“Child to Cherish was founded in 1986 by designer Patrice Lowe, the mother of three boys. Her initial creation, a handprint kit in a tin, remains one of the most popular items in the Child to Cherish collection. Over the years, Patrice has expanded the Child to Cherish collection to include the finest unique, yet functional children’s keepsake and gift offerings in the industry. Each item in the collection is developed to capture precious moments in time. In 2000, Patrice was joined by her husband Gordon, and sons Tucker, Taylor and Cody as together they continue to create unique, innovative and lovely products that “preserve the innocence” of a child for a lifetime.

Child to Cherish™ is synonymous with originality and uniqueness, and for creating timeless treasures. Two of the many highly visible items, BLOCK TO GROW ON™ and HANDPRINT TOWER OF TIME™ have received accolades from many sources including Good Morning America and Barbara Walter’s The View as the #1 most desirable Shower Gifts. The Handprint Tower Of Time™ received the 2001 “Best New Product” award at the New York Stationary Show. Also, Child To Cherish was nominated for the Earnshaw’s Earnie Award as “Best giftable children’s gift collection” and often has products featured in Gift Beat. “

My thoughts:

I was sent their ever popular Tower of Time Hand print Kit  to review. This kit included separate sized tins running from age one through five.  Every one of the tins are labeled with the words ” My Hand print when I was…”.  Each of these kits come in a variety of colors and are topped off with a cute bow, which makes it easy to give as a baby shower or birthday gift!

Last week, my daughter had her first birthday and I could not have received my very own Tower of Time Hand print Kit at a better time!  I am including a video in which I captured my daughter’s hand print to show you how simple this was to do.

I recall using different hand print kits as a child. I remember the mixture  being used was much thicker.  As you can see from my video, I test out this mixture several times myself before taking my daughters hand imprint. I was overall thrilled how this mixture was very forgiving! I just gave it a shake to even things out and was able to try again if need be. I also was really happy that no air bubbles were left whatsoever!

If you are looking to find a single hand print kit, to gift to the grandparents, Child to Cherish also offers those.

Buy it:
Prices range from From $5 up to $95. I know I’ll be using Child to Cherish again in the future to buy special gifts for my own children along with friends and family. How about you?

Special Code:
Use the code c2c10 to receive a 10% discount on any order from

1st Birthday (WW)


Happy First Birthday, Melody!

We celebrated today with visiting the local water gardens, spending the afternoon at the park, and opening presents! Melody had a whole lot of fun, as you can see from the above photo.  I can only imagine what’s to come with the days ahead.

West County Gardener Review


All year round, I enjoy working in flowerbeds and in my own personal garden, though after getting married, I’ve had to make due with apartment gardening. Currently I’m growing three tomato plants, a bell pepper, and an aloe  on my third story deck. My vegetables and aloe will soon be joined by several pots of flowers as long as I leave space for my husbands grill.

I have small hands so it’s been hard to wear gloves that fit while I’m gardening.  I love the feel of the earth just as much as anyone else but I don’t quite enjoy getting pricked by thistles or getting dirt under my fingernsm-glove-classic-apails. What to do? Those garden gloves from Wally World just weren’t cutting as they were way over sized and kept slipping off, filling my gloves with dirt, and getting me filthy!

I recently came across the company West County Gardener. They offer a variety of gloves for all sorts of tasks! Their many syles include; Classic Glove, Landscape Glove, Rose Glove, Waterproof Glove, Work Glove, and Kid’s Gloves.

About the Company:

Our Goal is to design and engineer the best fitting high performance gloves for you and your needs. We listen to our customers and continually make small ‘running changes’ based on user feedback. Which means, we make the best gloves you’ll ever wear. More than that, West County continues to invent and innovate to help make your time outdoors more enjoyable, productive and comfortable.

“I Can Fix This”, said Beverly Schor one day in early 2001 when she had a “light bulb” moment as she was out gardening and noticed the sorry state of her month-old conventional garden gloves. As a cyclist and sports apparel designer, she observed many of the qualities she loved in her sport gloves were missing in her garden gloves. Why couldn’t garden gloves have the features of sports gloves and last as long too?

Combining Her Skills And Experience as a gardener, sports apparel designer and national champion cyclist, she set out to create high-performance gloves for both avid and weekend gardeners. The result is a line of lightweight gloves that uses the best technical fabrics and design know-how that has traditionally been reserved for serious sports enthusiasts from cyclists to rock climbers.

West County Gardener was founded out of Beverly’s love for the outdoors and her extensive experience and knowledge in product design and development. Her skills and experience helped her produce not only state-of-the-art gloves, but also create a company whose mission is to provide the most innovative men’s and women’s garden and work gloves with the highest level of quality and customer service.

Based In San Francisco, designer and founder Beverly Schor is a Bay Area Active Sports apparel designer and cyclist—not always in that order! Before opening her own design studio, she worked for Esprit, The Gap, and The North Face. She brings a passion for sports and an extensive knowledge of technical fabrics and construction to every project.

When She’s Not In Her Studio, she’s out training on her bike where she has earned many State and National Championship medals in her age group. In June 2002, she set the National Time Trial Record in her age group. West County Gardener was founded out of her love for the outdoors and her extensive experience and knowledge in product design and development.

My Thoughts:

I was able to review a pair of Apricot Classic gloves for myself thanks to the generosity of this company. First and foremost, I love the color varieties that these gloves come in! Where else can you get garden gloves that come in fun fashionable colors of Apricot, Berry, Lime, and Slate? It should be pretty obvious by now that these gloves were created by a woman with an eye for style as well as function.

I found these gloves extremely comfortable and they fit me perfectly…never have I had a glove fit like a glove should. They specifically state in their bio that their women’s gloves are tailored specifically to fit a woman’s narrower hand and longer fingers. Having the right fit means no blisters and no extra bulk to get in the way! I can not count how many blisters I have gotten by doing yard work in my younger day! I could have used these back when I was a kid for sure. Now, I know what gloves to purchase for my kids…as my children will work along with me gardening and I want to keep their hands protected from thorns, thistles, and blisters!


* made with 100% synthetic materials
* machine washable and can tumble dry low
* Padded palms and reinforced finger pads provide all the protection of leather but last significantly longer
* Light weight, durable, flexible and abrasion resistant
* first recycled content gloves in the United States!
* can be used for more than just gardening, some other uses could be cross country skiing, snow shoeing, horse back riding, mountain biking, walking, jogging, yard chores and more…

You can purchase West County Gloves at their online store. What a wonderful gift these would make! I couldn’t help but mention that Father’s Day is coming up soon! Does your Dad have a green thumb like mine?

Nelson’s Illustrated Guide to Religions

_140_245_book29cover Nelson’s Illustrated Guide to Religions
By James A. Beverley

A Comprehensive Introduction to the Religions of the World

“Professor Beverley is on of the major Christian leaders in the study and analysis of new and world religions. His Nelson’s Illustrated Guide to Religions is an important addition to my library.” – Gary R. Habermas
Distinguished Research Professor, Liberty University

First and foremost, I believe you should know that this a very large book. In fact, it’s 850 pages in length. It may seem overwhelming but it’s content is organized extremely well, which makes it an easy read.

James A. Beverley, the author of this book, took on three decades of detailed work in order to create this wonderful resource. This book should be in the hands of every man and woman willing to learn about the other religions around them. I found this book a wonderful resource with it’s extremely detailed maps, charts, time lines, full colored illustrations, photos, and very helpful index. This volume  features all main religions as well other branches and within Christianity.

I like that this book is written in a compassionate way as to teach us to respect others  in what they believe, in a caring and loving matter as would Christ.  I believe as  Christians, we should know what we believe as questions of our own faith will arise from others around us.

This book is a well written comprehensive guide and I will hands down recommend it to anyone hankering to learn more about the beliefs regarding all the religions around them.

This review was written by Erin Lowmaster. I am a member of Thomas Nelson’s Book Review Blogger program. You can read my review there and at and Amazon.

Purchase: Nelson’s Illustrated Guide to Religions: A Comprehensive Introduction to the Religions of the World