It finally looks like Spring is upon us! I checked the weather for next week and we are going to be having highs in the 70’s! I’m praying that the day when all of our big things get moved, that it won’t be raining. I am getting more excited as the days draw closer to the 14th…only 11 more days! Most of everything except for the kitchen and then my husbands things in his office are packed up and ready to go.

I’m mid way through Following God With All Your Heart. If you haven’t read it, you should give it a read as it’s truly a powerful book.

I’m pondering putting off a few reviews that I’m to be writing till after the move as a lot of the things are cleaning products of which I know I’ll be putting into full gear then. I will be posting a few reviews next week with giveaways, so stay tuned for those.

Isn’t it annoying how I have all these wonderful address labels that are going to go to the trash?… Ah well! I’ll be have to remind myself to send all my friends and family my new address. Speaking of which, I need to send the husband a reminder to drop by the post office and start having our mail forwarded soon…