Spring Weather

I’m loving the warm weather we had starting Saturday all the way to today! It’s reaching record highs of the mid 70’s! It’s wonderful to enjoy the outdoors but not for me today.  My husband and I are working toward finishing the last of the packing.  I think I am preferring not to be outside right now due to my allergies. I’m not having any nose issue but I’m a bit groggy and excessively sleepy! I’ve been sleeping like a log, no kidding!

We’ll we’ve had an infestations of Carpenter Ants with wings! They decided yesterday that they wanted to be part of my family. I’m declining their urges to join us. I’m allergic to most ants and hope I don’t get bitten by any. They bit Melody. She was sitting on the floor watching Clifford and she burst out in tears. I didn’t know the problem at first and then I saw one on her finger.  It was sudden death for the ant as this mommy ended it’s life rather brutally.

I received Weleda products to review today. They smell great! I’ve contacted quite a few of my sponsors and told them I was putting off their review for about 2-3 weeks and they happily understood with the moving and all.  I have two giveaways hitting this week, Happy Green Bee & Earth Lust so be sure to enter those!