Natures Source All Purpose Cleaner Review


Did you know that the SC Johnson, creators of Windex and Scrubbing Bubbles have a new line of products out called Nature’s Source? These products  are good to our environment as they are Eco friendly , made with 99% of natural plant based ingredients, not containing bleach, ammonia, or phosphorus. They even come in a great bottle you can reuse over and over again until you are ready to recycle it!

I was given Natures Source™ natural all-purpose cleaner to put to the test.  First and foremost, I love using all purpose cleaners! I hate having to switch it up from one cleaner to another. Just one that suits almost any job whether it be scrubbing the bathroom counter tops to cleaning hubcaps works perfectly for me.

I just moved so I’ve been cleaning everything! I found that the Natures Source™ natural all-purpose cleaner works excellent when it comes to cutting through grease and grime. It did wonders on my previous stove and it worked well in the microwave too! I was really surprised how little effort in scrubbing was needed on my end! I loved  that I wasn’t breathing in any strong chemical smells that could be potentially harmful to me and my family as well!

I find it great is that I’m not  only cleaning my home but doing something great for the plant we live on too by using these types of products! Why not give these wonderful products a try for yourself, you can find them at their website and you can find Nature’s Source™ products in most local supermarkets, drug stores, mass-merchandise stores and do-it-yourself stores, alongside the other cleaners in the cleaning aisle.