Checklists All-In-One and a GIVEAWAY!!! | Food Storage Made Easy

I learned about a super helpful website today that teaches all about food storage information and tips! THir information is not limited to their site either, they’ve created a Food Storage Made Easy binder and are going to sell it as an e-book on the 9th of this month. This is great because it saves on shipping and you can assemble it for yourself!

What is included in the Binder?

* Instructions for how to make it cute and functional, exactly like ours!

* ALL 26 BabyStep Checklists (no more waiting for the next list!)

* 100 pages of detailed information about each of the ten BabySteps

* Our very best posts, handouts, and extra information

* All the spreadsheets and documents you need to plan your 3 Month and Long Term Food Storage without needing a computer

* Recipe Appendix including all 33 recipes that we encourage you to try out in the Checklists

* Sections for additional research and personal notes to be added in

* Cute cover pages and dividers (because you know we have to make it fun)

via Checklists All-In-One and a GIVEAWAY!!! | Food Storage Made Easy.

To celebrate this great event, they’ve 10 copies to give away for free to those of us who help spread the word! I encourage you to check it out for yourself!