Busy Wednesday

I’ve got several reviews to write this week so I can get caught up. I did fall behind during the move but that was understandable. My house looks great save for a few boxes in the living room and office. We are planning on getting some shelves from Ikea and the like for those things which are mostly dvds, games, cds, books, and craft supplies.

I took my phone in to Sprint yesterday. My Rant has been having a problems. When I open my phone to text or write e-mails, it immediately shuts itself off. It’s kind of a big problem. So, I should have a new phone in 3-5 business days.

Melody will be seeing her Endocrinologist in a few hours. He did call earlier this week and let me know that my daughter’s medication needed to be adjusted.  So with that said,  I expect she’ll be more jump, very distractible, and possibly crabby. Yipee. Or I may see little if any change in her. I’m going to cross my fingers and hope for the best on that.