Zazzle Bronze Level ProSeller


I’m proud to say that after residing on Zazzle for a year now, I’ve gained a place in their ProSeller ranks. I’m loving the perks of this and am so happy that my hard work paid off but as much as I am am happy with this goal, I’m going to shoot to rank up there with the Silver sellers!

Between blogging and mother hood, I don’t quite make as many designs as I did before but that’s okay. My store is always open and what I offer tends to attract lots of buyers. My little shop can make a lot more than a big shop filled with lots of different designs, so it’s all how you look at it. I’m really happy with my little business and am so blessed that I can stay home with my daughter and have my graphic design business. I’ve got the best of both worlds ^^

You can find my gallery HERE.

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