What Schedule….

I know I’m crazy to think that I can get things back on a schedule in my home. I’m going to be giving up on that for the time being at least till we get moved and situated.

My family just spent the last few days sick and then recovering. My husband had to call the red cross and tell them to get rid of the blood he donated a day before he got really sick. He’s finally got his voice back today. I’m just about back to normal. Melody was solely nursing during the time we were sick so I’m trying to get her to start eating solids again. She’s actually become slightly picky and none to interested in certain foods, so I have to work on that. I’ve had to clean up so much poop too. Why? Well, since she was only breastfeeding for the most part, her poop hasn’t been very textured and it’s hasn’t been staying in the diaper ( cloth or disposable). So I had to do God knows how many loads of laundry yesterday and bathing the baby that it may have well has but me pack into remission. So yeah, that’s been my life for the past few days.

I got some packing done today not much but I have a few weeks to take care of it. I’m getting my blogging done now since my little one finally went down for a nap. She’s been fighting them for the past few days.  She’s got quite the temper too…lol.

I hope everyone didn’t miss the Bummas giveaway I posted today here: http://connected2christ.com/2009/03/bummas-giveaway/ I’m even going to admit I used one to wash my face the other day. I love how soft those cloths are. They honestly are great for everything.

My husband’s birthday is coming up on Wednesday. He’ll be the big 25! I have no idea what meal to make him since he says he likes everything I cook 😛 So much for having a really favorite meal. I’ll figure something out.

I finally was able to breathe yesterday, I sat down for a good read ( Following God with All Your Heart by Elizabeth George) and then I watched Twilight. It was good movie but I was hoping for a little more from it. Nothing tops the books. I am wondering when Stephanie Meyer will be releasing her next book Midnight Sun. I’m waiting to read The Host until we get moved.

I’m really looking forward to this Spring/Summer alot. I miss walking in the nice warm weather or just being outside to enjoy the fresh breeze. Melody likes going out so I’m sure she’s going to love it.