I plan on writing more reviews today. I’ve been really tired lately and I am not sure why. At night before I go to bed, I at first wasn’t being able to just fall asleep and now before I go to bed I start feeling really sick and sometimes dizzy. I’m wondering if it’s because I need to increase my calories and take more vitamins. Maybe it’s the stress too of trying to find a new place to live before our lease is up and the wear and tear of motherhood. I don’t really know but I am hoping to start feeling better soon because it’s annoying.

On the bright side of things, it looks like instead of owing over 2,000 dollars on taxes, we’ll be breaking even. Praise the Lord on that. I’m glad our friend’s brother who’s a tax guy looked it over. \o/

Melody has her nine month DR appointment tomorrow, I wonder if they’ll be worried about her weight as she only weighs 15lbs. We’ll see, they did call me and ask that I come in early for extra paperwork.

I should go and grab some breakfast now, I just wanted to update everyone.