Staying Fit


Isn’t it horrible how we make all these excuses not exercise? I am guility. I use time, my daughter, and just being plain ole tired all the time as an excuse.  These excuses aren’t lies, they are the truth. Yes, my daughter needs me to see to her, yes I’m tired because of the wear and tear of being a SAHM, and yes there isn’t much time. I have to make the time. I’m not fat or over weight in the least bit but I am weak! My body is tired because I am not getting the exercise that I need and it’s been worse since I’ve moved to Oregon and started living in an apartment. It rains alot so I don’t get out and then there’s not yardwork for me to go out due to the apartment living.

I’ve had a wiifit sitting in my house for almost a year and that’s all it’s been doing, it’s been sitting there. I felt pretty bad about neglecting it and my own body that I went and did a good half hour work out and feel so much better. I am not as stiff and feeling pretty stretched out now. So I plan to start logging what I do for working out each week. Maybe I’ll post some photos. My stomach for one and my butt need to get shaped up.  No one’s butt should jiggle as much as mine and my stomach has been nothing but flabby since having my daughter. Is this a body I would love to see in a bathing suit this summer? No it’s not.  So it’s time to get into and stay in shape!

I’m going to be looking to the WiiFit Mommies for support too.