Separation Anxiety

My daughter turned ten months old last Friday and with that turning point, the separation anxiety has begun.  Any time I leave the room or I’m not in my daughter’s line of site at a familiar or new place she starts crying in some sense almost to hysterics.  I’ve read that it’s because during 9-10 months object permanence comes into play. So I know this move in two weeks times is probably not going to be incredibly easy.  We were shopping at the mall in a store and her daddy had her but even he couldn’t make her happy.  It goes to show how strong the bond is between my daughter and I and how I can’t let this wear or tire me out, which it so easily could do.

I’m getting a laptop soon, at least shopping around for one so it’ll be easier to still be able to work without having to leave my daughter to play in a separate room alone.  I know this move is going to throw her off, I just don’t know how much or to what extent. I’m not even going to push to weaning her yet due to everything. We are going to just take things one day at a time.