Hip T


My assets are now covered! I wish I could have come up with such a catchy slogan for the company called Hip T myself!

Hip T is company that set out to do something about just that, “Covering our Assets” so that our style won’t fall between our own crack so to speak.

I have a child, so guess what? I am constantly bending over, reaching down, and crawling around to keep up with her. I find myself constantly pulling down my shirts or pulling up my pants. I honestly just stopped wearing lots of my favorite jeans and shirts because I didn’t want to keep exposing myself. It was a sad day when I decided that I just had it with some of my clothes and stored them away to maybe never to wear them again. I even thought of donating them to good will. I had about lost all hope and then…


I discovered the Hip T! Basically, the Hip T is a band of fabric worn under your shirt that adds the look of a layer without added bulk and it hides our assets so we aren’t exposed anymore!

Hip-t comes in three styles, in a variety of different colors. There’s the basic style that looks like an ordinary t-shirt, the Original which has a band of lace at the bottom, and also the sassy prints which feature wild animal prints. I was able to try out the Hip T in the basic style myself in Dark Fuchsia and Aqua. These colors go great with my spring and summer wardrobe. You can also wear this with skirts too for some pretty chic styles!

So I tried these T’s out and they were great! I bent and moved and crawled around and the T’s stayed in place. It is a wonderful feeling of comfort not to constantly have to pull my shirt down or pants up anymore. I am thrilled to be able to pull my clothes back out from the closet that I had retired!

So remember, the Hip T covers bum cleavage, Lengthens Any Top, Hides Muffin Top, and Creates Layers without Bulk. If these aren’t reason enough to own a few Hip T’s, I don’t know what else is.