Happy St. Patties Day

Did you wear green today? Ah this holiday can be an annoying one at times for me because growing up I always heard Erin Go Blah, Erin Go put a bra on, and the list goes on of horrible holiday sayings using my name. 😛

I’ve been keeping busy going through things and packing up our apartment for our move next month.  I’ve also have been blogging in advance! There are quite a few great reviews and giveaways scheduled to be posted next week! Don’t forget about my current contest that are ending this Sunday either!

Typically this would be LG night but in so many words we won’t be attending anymore. That’s leaves me time to do other things now and I guess I can catch up on American Idol.

I really can’t wait to move, I know it’s probably going to be quite the transition for my little one but I think she’ll adjust just fine.