Getting Over It

To let everyone know we’ve been sick. Melody started with a case of diarrhea on Wednesday and then she started throwing up on Thursday. Thursday evening I was started feeling queasy after supper and then well you can guess what happened next. I texted my husband since he wasn’t home due to playing RPG games with a group of friends and asked him to come back home. When he got home he pretty much tossed his cookies too. We both had the joy of throwing up and having diarrhea all Wednesday night to early Thursday morning. We didn’t throw up at all on Thursday but were taking it extremely easy. We both are feeling better today but are really fatigued with little but no energy. Mel seems to be back to normal, I made sure to nurse her on demand and gave her pedialyte when I wasn’t. No idea why we all got sick but I’m glad it didn’t’ last longer than it did.