First Juice Review

My daughter and I recently were able to try out First Juice. First Juice basically is an organic healthy juice that’s made up of fruit, vegetables, and purified water. It has less sugar than other juices out there which already makes it a better choice!

Did you know comparing juices have 27g of sugar per fl. 8oz and first juice only has 12g of sugar per fl. 8oz. serving? I love that it has less sugar since I think kids are already hyperactive enough when they are young and shouldn’t be given more sugar in their diets than necessary. Plus more sugar equals more visits to the Dentist if your kid isn’t brushing religiously quite yet.

My daughter is already checking labels!

First juice comes in a single 8-oz bottle and also in a 32 ounce jug. I love the 8 ounce bottle as it’s a great serving sized bottle that’s perfect for my daughter and it has a sippy cap on top so it’s makes for easier drinking for those that are still prone to spilling. You can also reuse these bottles as long as you like and then recycle them when you are through!

First Juice comes in a variety of flavors, including Apple + Carrot, Banana + Carrot, Blueberry + Purple Carrot, and Peach + Purple Carrot. Yes, I did say Purple carrots! I honestly had no idea that there were purple carrots out there! Purple carrots are very healthy for you too as they have the same antioxidants found in other purple foods.

First Juice taste great. I’m my daughter’s taste tester so I tried it first and then I let her try it. We both love First Juice! I included a video of my daughter trying First Juice for the very first time and as you can see, she really liked it! My daughter personally loves all food but if you do have a picky eater, this is a great way to sneak those fruit and veggies in!

Do you want to try First Juice out for yourself? You can get a coupon for $1.00 off of any 2, 8oz or 32oz bottles of First Juice® by filling out a form on their site HERE.