Dolphin Bubbles

I had no idea that Dolphins could create bubble rings! I was and still am completely amazed and in awe as I saw this phenomenon for the first time myself today.  Dolphins never seem to amaze with their beautifully graceful  mysterious behavior. It really does show the intelligence and close communication each dolphin has with another. I’m hoping to see this live for myself one day when I visit the Sea World in Orlando, Florida with my family. I have never in my life seen this before and I thought the Discovery channel would have shown this already! It’s really amazing!

Sea World has a website that enlightens us on upon the phenomenon of Dolphin Bubbles.  Their website also teaches us many things also related to many types of different dolphins.

They have a really cool blog featured on the Dolphin Bubbles website where many people talk about their several different  experiences while visiting  Sea World and interacting with the Dolphins for themselves. I really enjoyed learning about the one of a kind, Discovery Cove and hope to one day swim with dolphins too!

You can view several videos and see many images of Dolphin Bubbles on their site. You really should check it out for yourself!