Bummas Cloths


I cloth diaper my daughter, so it’s very important that after each diaper change my daughter’s bottom gets dried properly. I was using a regular wash cloth to soak up any remaining wetness after each change but I wasn’t finding this too effective. The other option was to let my daughter run around bum naked for a couple of minutes to air out. That was working for awhile but then she wet on the floor a few times which wasn’t too grand to clean up after.

I then came across Bummas cloths on another mommy blog and shortly after was given the opportunity to try out a set of these wonderful cloths for myself! bummas

Bummas cloths were designed specifically for drying little bottoms and also to shield whoever is changing the baby from those surprise squirts from little boys. These small 5” x 7 cloths are 100% Cotton woven velor terry. I found these a lot softer than regular cloths and they soak up any wetness very quickly! My daughter has not had even a sign of a rash since using them. I’d also like to mention that these are great if your little one has sensitive skin.

Some of the great features are that they eliminate using baby powder, they are easy to
carry along with you in a diaper bag, and they can be washed over and over which makes them long lasting!

Talk about multi purpose, so not only are these cloths great to dry off your babies bottoms but you can also add a bit of water and use these as cloths wipes, you can use these as wash cloths too.

These eco friendly cloths come in four fun color sets such as Wild Ones, The Boy, The Girls, and The Calm ones. You can pick whichever sets suits your current theme for your child. I picked the Wild Ones because we love lots of bold and bright colors for our baby. I absolutely love my set.

To learn more these great cloths visit Bummas today.

We will be having a giveaway to win your own set in the next week or so be sure to come back and enter.