Bath Luve


I would like to shed some love on the Bath Luve today.  I know you are probably asking, What is Bath Luve?

Melody enjoying her Bath Luve
Melody enjoying her Bath Luve

Well, Bath Luve was created by a mom just like you and me whom hated to see her child quiver and cry because he was cold during his baths! Trust me, I can totally relate to this in a huge way. Well Amy, that’s the founders name, decided that she was going to do something about it a created a wonderful product that would comfort babies during bath time.

The Bath Luve was invented and basically, it’s a 100% percent cotton drape that you put into the water and then place over your baby’s shoulders and the rest of their body. This keeps your baby warm, calm, and happy during bath time!

I was able to review the adorable duck design of which was great because our whole bathroom in themed in rubber duckies. My little one at nine months loved the Bath Luve and just kept smiling at it. I only wished that I had this sooner. I remember my daughter freezing cold, lips shivering, and bawling when I gave her baths when she was a lot younger.

The Bath Luve typically is ideal for babies up to six months of age, as your baby is probably still using a baby tub and not nearly as mobile as my nine month old whom is already walking. When your baby is older, you can use it as a fun cape in the tub. It also makes for great photos if you want to keep all those private parts private while sharing bath photos with friends and family.

I’m going to recommend this to all new mom’s who may not know about the Bath Luve because I just think it’s incredibly ingenious and would make bath time more enjoyable for them and their babies.

You can purchase the Bath Luve three different designs a duck, frog, and a fish . The product retails for $6-10 is available at Kohl’s, Wal-Mart,  Amazon, as well as the One Step Ahead catalog. It is also currently available online from their website too.