Baby Wearing

The Hip Carry

Yes, I’m a baby wearing mommy and I love it! I’ve been wearing my baby from when she was was first born till now! I greatly encourage every mommy or daddy to wear their baby! Some great benefits I’ve found from doing this is that it’s great for your little one, it reminds your baby of being in the womb from the moving and being next to mommy! Being born can naturally be stressful for your little one so keeping your baby snugly and close is great for him or her.  Doing this, also is a great way to share family bonding and nurturing with Daddy! My husband loves wearing our daughter and never objects!

The Back Carry Position
The Back Carry Position

Baby wearing is also known to decrease crying and fussiness, as well as increase learning.
I can attest to this as my little girl is one of the happiest little babies that you’ll ever meet! She is super observant and very smart…already walking at nine months! She watches everything around her. Her needs are met very quickly as well and though she likes being with mommy, she is also very independent. She’s quite a secure, settled, considerate, sociable, cooperative, adaptable, affectionate little girl

Wearing your baby gives you exercise! I lost all my pregnancy weight very quickly after my daughter was born. I did go for a five mile hike about two months after I gave birth (yes, I’m crazy). I’m going to say that wearing my child helped with that along with breastfeeding ( you can also can do this very easily in a sling).

My daughter even now that’s she’s older, loves being in the sling as you can see from my photos. I’m wearing a great sling that I won from Rockin’ Baby These great slings are reversible so we can coordinate with what we are wearing…lol. At least, that’s what I do.  They are also easy to clean, just throw it in the wash with everything else.

These are great if you want to take a walk on the beach without your stroller. ( I forgot my sling when we went and the stroller started sinking and was incredibly hard to push…lol) You live you learn! These really are great to take anywhere and they go up to 40lbs. My daughter is only 15lbs right now so we will be using our pouch for quite a bit more time 🙂

I recommend you do your research before buying a sling as there are many types and styles to choose from!