Application In

Well, as most of you know I’ve been house hunting! I had been looking high and low on the internet only to find this wonderful treasure trove in the Sunday paper! It’s perfect in every way as we don’t have to move out of town and be farther from my husbands work, our church, or my daughter’s doctors. We have filled out an application and will probably be able to move in starting in April. We will have to purchase a Washer and Dryer… we figure Sears is best for that because of the not having to pay all of it off right away as we wouldn’t be able too.  I’ll be glad not to have to dry clothes almost 3 whole times anymore with a new dryer which will cut back on our electricity bill.  Oh, this duplex also has a garage which will be great for storing things like holiday, older baby things, and my craft supplies. I plan to set up a nice work station for my beading and etc out there. 🙂 I’ll be relieved with my crafting supplies being out there as my daughter will be getting into more things as she’s started walking already at nine months.  The second bedroom will be our home office. I don’t mind our daughter being in the same room as us. My sisters and I growing up didn’t have our own rooms till we were around 4-5 years old so that’s no biggie for us. The square footage may possibly be a little smaller but it’s got more storage areas which is a plus for sure.  I’m glad to get away from the unwanted noises, the cigarette smoke, and the disgusting dog piss on my patio.  I’m excited! How do you like the floor plan I created up there? LOL

“And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.” Matthew 21:22, KJV